• There are free BBQs available on Kangaroo Point cliffs—have an early dinner and watch the night close in.
  • The Barra Boys.
  • Pizza Caffe at the University of Queensland.
  • Go for a run, starting at about the Southbank Ferry Terminal, then cross the Goodwill Bridge, then either left for a shorter run (cross back on Kurilpa Bridge) or right and stick along the river and keep going until you get too tired—making it to Sydney Street Ferry Terminal is great, but even better to try to get to New Farm Park Ferry Terminal—then get a City Cat back to Southbank. That will end up about 10-12km depending on specifics.
  • Hire a car and drive an hour north to Moffat Beach (not patrolled) or Dicky Beach (patrolled). (Train + bus works also.)


  • The Cupping Room
  • Rizla
  • Volstead Repeal
  • A run from Civic down to the lake, and ideally making it across both bridges is pretty great. Will end up at about 8-10km depending on where you’re leaving from in Civic.


  • Patricia Coffee Brewers (standing room only)
  • Flora Indian Restaurant (cheap but great)
  • Brunetti
  • You can book a meeting room at the State library if you’re a member (free to join)


  • Campos Coffee Newtown - get an affogato
  • Circular Quay to Manly Ferry - get the commuter one, not the “fast”
  • NB: “Central” station isn’t actually that central—you’ll likely want Wynyard.



  • California Sandwiches - 244 Claremont St.
  • Good Egg—a book shop in Kensington Market that is focused on kitchen books. It sounds niche, and it is, but it’s also great. (HT: Ryan Briggs)
  • Vietnam Lovely Noodle - 378 Bloor St W.
  • Cà Phê Rang - 147 Spadina Ave.
  • Evangeline Toronto - 51 Camden St
    • This is a bar on Level 14 of the Ace Hotel. Go early on a nice evening and try for the outside table around the corner for a great view.
  • Gift Shop Cocktail Bar - 89-B Ossington Ave.
    • Look for the barber shop - knock, then wait and hope you’re let in. (This may sound weird, but it’s great.) Go early (they open at 7pm) because it’s a small space and fill up quickly. The menu is epic.
  • Tap Phong - 360 Spadina Ave - in Chinatown provides an incredible selection of kitchen supplies at decent prices. Again, sounds weird, but it’s a Toronto institution.