Colloquium on Applications of LLMs


The Data Sciences Institute is hosting a colloquium on applications of LLMs for faculty and students. This is an opportunity for researchers from different disciplines to exchange initial thoughts, experiences, and ideas, in a casual and informal setting, so that we can all better integrate LLMs into our research.

The event is happening on Tuesday, 11 April, 2023, at the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto.

In-person attendance is encouraged, but there will be a Zoom option. To promote an open and honest exchange of preliminary ideas and impressions we won’t record the event.


Time Event Speaker Perspective or topic
09:00 Coffee - -
09:10 Welcome Mike Evans Statistical Sciences
09:15 Invited talk Bree McEwan Communication
09:30 Invited talk Benjamin Haibe-Kains Computational pharmacogenomics
09:45 Invited talk Jason Hattrick-Simpers Materials Science and Engineering
10:00 Invited talk Marcel Fortin Map and Data Library
10:15 Invited talk Michael Hoffman Computational genomics
10:30 Morning tea - -
10:45 Invited talk Joshua Speagle, Kristen Menou, and Jo Bovy Astrostatistics and Data Science; Physics and Astrophysics; Galactic Astrophysics
11:15 Invited talk Jonathan Rose Electrical and Computer Engineering
11:30 Industry presentation Edward Kim Cohere
11:45 Invited talk Wendy Wong Political science
12:00 Masterclass Jinyue Feng and Annie En-Shiun Lee Computer Science. “An overview of how LLMs work”
12:45 Lunch break - -
13:30 Hands-on activity - Part I - Code your own GPT following
14:30 Afternoon tea - -
14:45 Hands-on activity - Part II - Code your own GPT following
16:00 Finish - -


For any questions or comments, please contact Rohan Alexander: