Hi, I’m Rohan Alexander.

I am a post-doc at the Faculty of Information Sciences at the University of Toronto, Canada. My academic research explores economic and political history using quantitative methods. This often involves first constructing datasets, either through optical character recognition or web-scraping, as well as cleaning and preparing them in a reproducible way. I then use quantitative methods to analyse the large amounts of information contained in these datasets, drawing on techniques from text analysis, statistical learning, and Bayesian methods.

I run a brown bag series about data cleaning, which is more fun than it sounds; please get in touch if you’d like to attend or present!

Based on my academic research I run a politicial poll in Australia: Petit Poll. This combines non-representative polling data that we gather ourselves with a hierarchical Bayesian model to cheaply deliver meaningful Australian political polling.

Finally, I probably spend too much money on books, and certainly too much time at libraries. You can see some of the books that I recommend here. If you have any book recommendations of your own, I’ve love to hear them.

Academic CV
Professional CV