Hi, I’m Rohan Alexander.

I’m a PhD student at the Australian National University in Canberra where I explore Australian economic and political history using quantitative methods. For instance, in a recent paper with Monica Alexander we summarise the topics of the Australian Hansard from Federation through to 2018 and then use a statistical model to look at when the mix of topics changes. You can see more about my academic interests here.

I work on a casual basis as a consultant at Grosvenor Public Sector Advisory on public-sector procurement data. I’ve previously worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Centre for International Economics, and at GoCampaign, which was a business that I started with some friends. You can see more about my professional experience here.

At the moment my side-projects are Petit Poll and No Pour Choices. Petit Poll combines non-representative polling data that we gather ourselves with a hierarchical Bayesian model to cheaply deliver meaningful Australian political polling. No Pour Choices is an iOS app for organising a wine collection.

Finally, I probably spend too much money on books, and certainly too much time at libraries. You can see some of the books that I recommend here. If you have any book recommendations of your own, I’ve love to hear them.