Hi, I’m Rohan Alexander.

I am a post-doc at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, Canada.

My academic research answers questions in social sciences, such as: are our politicians actually representing us, do elections matter, and how can we make political polling better. To do this I build, clean, maintain, and share datasets in a reproducible way, and then use quantitative methods, such as text analysis, machine learning, and Bayesian hierarchical models, to analyse them.

I co-founded the Toronto Data Workshop, which is more fun than it sounds; please get in touch if you’d like to attend or present!

Based on my academic research I run a political poll in Australia: Petit Poll. This combines non-representative polling data that we gather ourselves with a hierarchical Bayesian model to cheaply deliver meaningful Australian political polling.

Finally, I probably spend too much money on books, and certainly too much time at libraries. You can see some of the books that I recommend here. If you have any book recommendations of your own, I’ve love to hear them.

Academic CV
Professional CV