Petit Poll

May 2016 – Current

This is a joint project with Monica Alexander. Petit Poll combines non-representative polling data with a hierarchical Bayesian model to cheaply deliver meaningful Australian political polling. I am responsible for survey design and analysis, as well as marketing and communication.

We polled the 2016 Australian Federal election and got a (statistically) reasonable result. In terms of seats we were five off. Four of those were just a result of our small sample size: there were the three that turned unexpectedly in Tasmania; and the one in South Australia that went to the Nick Xenophon team. If we had more data from those areas then the model would have had a better chance, but when there’s not much data the prior has a big impact.

No Pour Choices

July 2018 – Current

This is a a joint project with Adam Jansen and Ben Readshaw. No Pour Choices is an app that helps organise your wine collection. I am responsible for all aspects of iOS development.