Data cleaning brown bag

An hour-long discussion about cleaning, preparing, and maintaining data in academia and industry. All welcome! If you would like to receive emails about the series please get in touch.


In any data science project a lot of time is spent on data cleaning, preparation, and maintenance, but these steps are rarely talked about, let alone written down. This means that there is a lot of reinvention and it can be difficult to know what best practice is. To help address this Rohan Alexander and Prof Kelly Lyons run a multidisciplinary brown bag that focuses on data cleaning. The series is a chance to share what we do in these crucial, yet little discussed, stages.

We meet for an hour roughly every two weeks and we aim to have a roughly even split of speakers from academia and industry over the course of the semester. Usually each speaker talks for 15 to 25 minutes and we then have a bit of time for questions.

Anyone is welcome to attend - you don’t need to be affiliated with the university.


Location and time
We meet at noon, in Room 417, 140 St George St, Toronto (space graciously provided by KMDI and Semaphore Lab).

If you would like to receive an occasional email about the series please get in touch.